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A Complete Self-Paced, Online Course



Your kids, grandkids, and friends are doing it. You may be a doing it too, but you may still have burning questions. 

Maybe you missed my recent Women’s Institute class on Social Media or you wanted to have access to ongoing studies on this topic as a supplement.

Maybe you want to take your time to learn about social media by viewing short lesson videos (each accompanied by outlines, handouts, and more) so you can get a true understanding…from the privacy of your own home and on your own time schedule. 


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Tech Corner

Below is a small glossary of terms that you should know, along with their definitions.

App – The term “app” is a shortened version of “application”. In the world of technology, an application is a specialized software program. For example, a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel can be called an application, because it is a software program that allows you to calculate numbers and create spreadsheets. An “app” is actually a shortened version of a software   pplication and it is often even more specialized. For instance, you could download a calculator app to calculate, a tipping app to use at restaurants, and other numeric-oriented programs from the App store, and each has its own specific focus. Note that  pple calls all of its programs “apps”, and that apps appear as icons on your Home screen, (e.g. the familiar Camera, Photos, Contacts, and Settings apps).

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Try 3 New Tricks from My New 80+ Tricks Book

Grab your device(s), and let’s implement 3 tricks from my new book! 

Note: To check your iOS version to ensure you upgraded to iOS 11, tap Settings, General, and then About and scroll to Version to find your current software version It should read at least iOS 11 or higher.

Trick 1: Learn the New, Easy Way to Connect To a Friend or Family’s Network (without having to ask for their password!)

When visiting friends or family, you might want to use their Wi-Fi network. Before iOS 11, you needed to find out and type their password into your phone’s Settings app. With the advent of iOS 11, all you need to do is to know the name of their network, and make sure that your device and the device of your relative/friend also has  iOS 11 installed.

Note: The other person also needs to be near you to perform this trick.

1. Tap Settings, and then tap Wi-Fi.

2. Tap your friend or relative’s Wi-Fi network, and the password screen will appear.

3. Make sure your device is near the other device belonging to your friend or family member. A pop-up menu displays to let the other person know that your device is trying to join the network. Your friend or relative must then tap Share Password to send the Wi-Fi password to your phone.

After a short delay, the iPhone password field will fill in on your device and it will connect to the new network.

Trick 2: Translate ASAP Using Siri’s New Translate Feature

n iOS 11, Siri helps you translate from American English to French, German, Italian, Spanish, & Mandarin. More languages are on the way.

Here’s how to ask! 1. Activate Siri by holding down the Home button (or the On/Off side button on the iPhone 10/X model).

2. Say this phrase to Siri: “Translate where is the car to Spanish”. Or you can also phrase the command as “How do you say where is the train station in German”.

Siri displays the translation!

There are a lot of new Siri features in iOS 11, including the ability to type in your question to Siri (rather than speak out loud in situations where others are around), how to get her to search and bring up people in your photos, and much more which are covered in the new 80+ tricks book (see below for more information).

Trick 3: Experience the Exciting Flyover Feature in Apple Maps

You can take advantage of the updated Flyover feature and interact with a 3D augmented-reality video of cities around the world. Here’s how!

Note: Although Flyover still gives you a beautiful tour, it is not interactive in iPhone models earlier than the 6S.

1. From the Home screen, tap the Maps icon and then type a well-known city like New York City, Florence, London, Paris etc., and then tap the Flyover Tour button.

2. Tilt and rotate your device to move through the city. It will move forward as you walk. Pinch and zoom to navigate around each city for a fully immersive experience.

You can also watch the Flyover Tour without interacting with the screen. 

If you enjoyed learning these new features that came with iOS 11, you will love finding out about everything from learning how to scan a document into the Notes app or access your photos while texting to getting flight tracking information immediately in Safari or being able to send or request funds from family and friends on the fly using your iMessage texting app, and so much more!

To locate the book on Amazon, click here or go to and search for Liz Weiman.




Dear Facebook Fran (Jan 2018)

A friend of mine got locked out of FB and had a terrible time getting back to her account. She had to use friends to get back in. How can I set this up? Please help!


Nervous Nellie
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How Much Do You Know About…Spices?

How Much Do You Know About…Spices? 

Spices have been around for thousands of years, but more and more we are discovering their taste-enhancing and healing powers.  Let’s test your knowledge of spices!


1. What is the most expensive spice on the market? 

Get Hands-On With the 80+ Tricks Paperback Book for your iPhone/iPad!

Perform each of these 80+ tricks to explore the new features added to Camera, Photos, Safari, iMessage, Maps, and other apps after the recent iPhone/iPad updates. Learn how to block callers, how to draw/write on your photos, how to send animations with your texts, and more. Find out some of the best-kept secrets to harnessing the power of your iPhone/iPad. For more info, click here or go to Amazon and search for Liz Weiman.

Meanwhile…try 3 New Texting Tricks From the 50+ Tricks book!

Let’s get out your device(s), and let’s try 3 tricks from my new book!  (Note: To check your iOS version to make sure you have upgraded, tap Settings, General, and then About and scroll to Version to find your current software version It should read at least iOS 11 or higher.)

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Dear Facebook Fran (June 2017)

My friends are creating “Facebook Birthday Wish Videos” very easily, but I’m in the dark. Please help! 

Joyless Joyce

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How Much Do You Know About…Sugar? 

Sugar has been around for thousands of years, but what used to be considered a “condiment” is now looked at as a more of a “staple”. Let’s test your knowledge of sugar in all its forms and appearances…

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Dear Facebook Fran (March 2017)

I don’t want to see posts from certain people. I am just about ready to unfriend them to stop receiving their posts! Save me!
— Overwhelmed Olive

How Much Do You Know About…Apples? 

With so many varieties of apples available in the grocery these days, it seemed the perfect time for a quiz about this amazing fruit!

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