How Much Do You Know About…Apple Inc?

This past January was the anniversary Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone to the world, so we created a quiz for the occasion!

1. Apple was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs and who else? 
A. Steve Wozniak
B. Bill Gates
C. Ronald Wayne
2.  One of the co-founders of Apple, Inc. sold out his shares early for the amount of?
A. $100.00.
B. $800.00.
C. $5,000.00.
 3. Who invested $150,000,000 in Apple in 1997 to save it from bankruptcy? 

A. Microsoft.
B. Samsung.
C. Nokia.

4. Mobi, Telepod, and Tripod were all names considered for this Apple product.

A. iPad.
B. Mac.
C. iPhone

5. What can void your Apple computer warranty? 

A. Water spillage.
B. Smoking near the computer.
C. Dropping the computer.



1. A & C. There were 3 co-founders, including Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne in 1976

2. B. Ronald Wayne sold his shares for $800.00 in 1976. His shares would be worth more than 60 billion today.

3.  A. An infusion of funds from a lawsuit against Microsoft did save Apple. The particulars of the story are complex but it can be said that this influx went a long way towards saving the company at that time.

4. C. These were all prospective names for the iPhone at that time.

5. A, B, and C may void the warranty, depending on the issue, but the big story is that smoking has been grounds for voiding the warranty in the past. While there’s no statement in the warranty cigarette residue within the device which the company claims creates a biohazard for its people servicing them.

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