How Much Do You Know About…Apples? 

With so many varieties of apples available in the grocery these days, it seemed the perfect time for a quiz about this amazing fruit!

1. Although 2500 varieties of apples are grown in this country, only one variety is native to North America. Which one? 

A. Delicious.
B. Crabapple.
C. McIntosh.

2.  Apples are members of what family?

A. The tomato family.
B. The rose family.
C. The deadly nightshade family.

3. Who brought apples to America?

A. Pilgrims.
B. Johnny Appleseed.
C. Benjamin Franklin.

4. The crunchy and tart Honeycrisp apple has been around for?

A. 200 years
B. 20 years.
C. 2000 years.

5. Granny Smith apples were first grown in 1868 and were named after the grower Maria Smith. Where did this happen?

A. England.
B. America
C. Australia.

6. The McIntosh is the national apple of

A. Ireland.
B. Canada.
C. Iceland.

7. Which apple should not be used when making an apple pie?

A. McIntosh.
B. Red Delicious.
C. Granny Smith.

8. What benefits do apples have?

A. They can whiten your teeth.
B. They have antioxidants and fiber. 
C. They can help ripen other fruit.



1.  B. The crabapple is native to the US.

2. B. Apples are members of the rose family, like pears are.

3. A. Pilgrims planted the first apple trees in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

4. B  The Honeycrisp apple has been around for 20 years. David Bedford, the man responsible for creating the Honeycrisp 20 years ago, did it via cross breeding,

5. C. Granny Smith grew her apples in Australia. Granny Smiths were first grown in a Sydney suburb in Australia in 1868 and were named after the first grower of the apples, Maria Ann ‘Granny’ Smith. She discovered these apples growing near a creek on her farm, after she threw out some French crab apples, and they mutated into what we know as Granny Smiths today. All Granny Smiths grown today are cuttings from the original Granny Smith apple tree.

6. B. The McIntosh is the national apple of Canada.

7. B. Red delicious should not be used in making an apple pie due to the fact that texture doesn’t hold up well in the oven’s heat.

8. A., B., and C. Apples have all of these features. What is less known; however, is the fact that apples give off ethylene gas which accelerates ripening. This means you can add still-ripening avocados, tomatoes, and more to a bag with an apple to help ripen them faster.

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