Get Hands-On With the 50+ Tricks E-book for your iPhone/iPad!

Perform each of these 50+ tricks to explore the new features added to Camera, Photos, Safari, iMessage, Maps, and other apps after the recent iPhone/iPad updates. Learn how to block callers, how to draw/write on your photos, how to send animations with your texts, and more. Find out some of the best-kept secrets to harnessing the power of your iPhone/iPad. For more info, click the book cover above, or click here.

Meanwhile…try 3 New Texting Tricks From the 50+ Tricks book!

Let’s get out your device(s), and let’s try 3 more tricks from my new book!  (Note: To check your iOS version to make sure you have upgraded, tap Settings, General, and then About and scroll to Version to find your current software version It should read at least iOS 10 or higher.)

Trick 1: Surprise Your Friends with Beautiful Animations in Your Texts

To add animations in your text messages, simply type a text message, and when finished,  press down on the blue Send arrow (instead of tapping it). Next, tap Screen at the central area at the top of the screen, and you will see beautiful balloons rising. Swipe left to see other animations (confetti etc.). When you arrive at the animation screen you like, tap the blue Send arrow or tap X to cancel and exit the animations screen. Note that only other fellow iPhone/iPad users will see these animations.


Trick 2: Add a Quick Response “Tap Back” When Your Are Too Busy to Respond Right Away

iOS 10 has added quick responses for when you don’t have time to type out a response. To perform a quick response, press on a message you have just received. A pop-up will show options such as a heart, thumbs up/down, and more. Tap one of these icons, and the quick response tap back will attach directly to the message!

Trick 3: Grab One of Your Photos (or Take a Photo) While Text Messaging

To add photos to your text message as you are texting (or to take a quick photo when texting), tap the greater-than symbol (>) that shows on your left, and then tap the camera. You will have access both to your camera and to your photos.  Tap a photo or snap a picture, and it will be placed in your text message!

These are just a few of the time-saving tricks that you can use on a regular basis! There are 50+ more tricks, available in e-book format on Amazon. The print version will be on Amazon in July. For more information, search for Liz Weiman on Amazon, or click here.


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