Dear Facebook Fran (June 2017)

My friends are creating “Facebook Birthday Wish Videos” very easily, but I’m in the dark. Please help! 

Joyless Joyce

Dear Joyce,

No worries about getting in on this wonderful, easy trick. Facebook’s birthday video cam lets you choose from among 6 birthday themes to record a 15-second video.

To create a birthday video on the fly, go to a friend’s Facebook page on their birthday, and click in the “What’s On Your Mind” (called the Publisher) box. You’ll see a pop up that says, “Record a birthday video.” Then, go for it!

— It’s All Good, FRAN

Dear Facebook FRAN,

I just don’t have all the hours in the day to read articles that my friends post. Is there ANY way to save them to read later?

— Agitated Annie

Dear Annie,

Your friends sound like they have too much time on their hands! But know that the angst is over. Here’s how to save their posted articles to read later.

1. Simply click or tap the drop-down menu underneath the arrow next to any post (on desktop or mobile).

2. Click or tap Save Link to read it later.

You can then access all of these bookmarked posts by choosing the Saved link from the left-hand navigation pane.

— Cultivate Calm, FRAN

Dear Facebook FRAN,

I really don’t want to be seen when I am browsing on Facebook, but I start to get all these chat requests from friends who somehow are seeing that I am online. How can I be invisible?

— Introverted Isadora

Dear Izzy,

Invisibility is easy! Simply click on the Chat box, located at the bottom-right corner in desktop mode, and then click the little gear icon to bring up all the Chat settings menu. Finally, click Turn off Chat.

— Get Out More? FRAN

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