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Here is a list of  Top Travel apps for smartphones and tablets:


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Your iPad’s Magical Home Button

homebutton1We all know the Home button – that small circular button on the bottom of the iPad.  We know that pressing it always returns us back to “normal” (i.e. back to the Home screen) during the following scenarios:

  • When we are in a screen that we need to leave asap.
  • When the Home screen icons suddenly start wiggling.

Many of us don’t know that the Home button is multifunctional. The following is a list of all the magical functions that the Home button can do:

  • Wakes up a sleeping iPad (press the Home button once).
  • Exits out of an app (press the Home button once.)
  • Displays running apps (when pressed twice in quick succession). You can end running apps to stop battery drain by swiping upwards. You can also use this key to switch between running apps.
  • Takes a screenshot when pressed at the same time as the On/Off button. You can find your new screenshot in the Photo application.
  • Initiates Siri when held down (Siri has to be turned on in Settings > General > Siri).
  • Turns on VoiceOver when you triple-click the Home button (must be enabled in Settings > General > Accessibility > VoiceOver).

Have you tried any of these actions using the Home button? Try some of these actions, and let us know how it works in the comments below!


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