Dear Facebook Fran (March 2017)

I don’t want to see posts from certain people. I am just about ready to unfriend them to stop receiving their posts! Save me!
— Overwhelmed Olive

Dear Olive,
Unfriending someone is a drastic way to take away irritating posts. Instead, you can unfollow them, and no one will be the wiser. To accomplish this, click on the person’s picture that accompanies their post, and then click the following button to the right of their photo. Finally, Click Unfollow at the bottom of the menu that appears. Once this is done, you won’t see any further posts from them in your news feed!
 — Stay stealthy, FRAN

Dear Facebook FRAN,
 I missed an important post but everyone else seems to have received it before me. Why didn’t it appear on my newsfeed?
 — Left-Out Lena
Dear Lena, 
You were not shunned so don’t despair. One reason why this could have happened is that there are two ways to view your newsfeed. One is Top Stories, wherein Facebook applies it’s own algorithm to influence what you see in your newsfeed. The other is Most Recent, which disregards the other algorithm. From Home simply click or tap Newsfeed under your picture, and then click or tap Most Recent.
 — Stay Social, FRAN

Dear Facebook FRAN,

I keep getting invited to play games or view new apps on my iPhone’s Facebook app. It drives me crazy. How can I stop this?

 — Batty Betty

Dear Betty,

It sounds like you are getting mobile push notifications, which are updates that come up even when you’re not using Facebook. To fix this, on your iPhone, you can tap Settings, tap Notifications, and then tap Facebook. From here you can disable Allow Notifications by sliding the white circle switch to the left.

In your Facebook app, you can select More in the bottom-right corner, which appears as three little lines. Tap Settings, tap Account Settings, and then tap Notifications. Next, tap Notifications from apps and deselect any apps that are checked.

 — Hold Onto Sanity, FRAN

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